Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Writing, 9/7

I got a rejection letter for one of my stories, the zombie one, the other day. They liked it, but it wasn't for them. I've got two other stories with this same magazine, and I expect to hear about them soon.

I haven't done a lot of writing since what, Thursday, but I have managed to finish Chapter 10 in the Angel Book. It now stands at 267 pages, after I wrote five pages tonight, and then added in a homeless bit from an early draft back into it. I'm at that point where I don't know exactly what the hell is going to happen next, and it's exciting and terrifying at the same time.

(EPIC TRILOGY ALERT) I've also been revising the second book in the trilogy, little by little, here and there. Just cutting junk out (mostly dialogue; in my first drafts, my characters seem to like to talk, a lot) I've already cut 20 pages. So 740 is now 720 and I hope to at least get it under 700.

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