Sunday, September 04, 2005

Weak End

New Orleans has been left to the dead and dying. Because our government failed its people.

From Beatrice: UK sci-fi writer China Mieville spreads the blame, appropriately, to the local leaders of NOLA, who seem to have failed as miserably in pre-diaster planning as Washington did. Speaking of which, I do not want this man in charge of my country's security. Didn't they say no one ever imagined terorrists crashing planes into buildings, too? I find it hard to believe that an administration that traffics in as much fear as it does never considered a scenerio like Katrina. Oh, wait. They did.

Chief Justice Rehinquist has died. Fox News reported this first, as they ran tape of Geraldo Riveria trying to 'shh' a standed baby in NOLA. And then he told the baby's mother, "He's hungry, mom." Uh, no shit, Geraldo. That's some Pulizter caliber reporting there.

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