Friday, September 02, 2005

'It's Gone'

That's how a New Orleans police officer described his city, or what remains of it, this morning on CNN, as he defended his own police station from roving packs of armed men firing at the station at will. In the distance, a chemical plant exploded. Half the police force has deserted and when people talk about NOLA in the past tense - which if you notice, is what many are doing - you hear the reality of the situation very few people, especially in Washington, seem to appreciate.

I've been trying to find the words for my frustration, my disbelief, and my horror at the catastrophe in New Orleans. Ben seems to have found them for me. Today there were calls for hearings and task forces and a special 'coordinator' to run the show down there. We need to stop appointing more people to handle our challenges. We need to have our leaders lead, and if they can't, then we need new leaders.

From Beatrice: New Orleans has given so much to horror writers, and now horror writers give back.

R2-D2 one of a kind beanie for NOLA.

Here Is New Orleans.

Lots of Katrina links/stuff at Making Light.

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