Thursday, September 08, 2005

Carpet Bombing

My friend Mike called from Omaha the other day, wanting me to go down to New Orleans with him. I only wish I could. He wants to volunteer for the devastated NOLA PD. You feel so helpless, you know, but not Mike. He's got his water and beef jerky and he's ready to go. It's fantastic and I wish him all the best.

Spent the day working at my brother's art gallery, tearing up the floor in the back, just layers and layers of floors going back to the turn of the century. Then we had to tear up the carpet in front, which was a challenge. Good lord. I called in Ben to help and between him, me, my brother, and two others, we eventually did get it all up. I never sweat so much in my entire life, let me tell you.

Books for displaced New Orleans children.

A great interview with George Saunders at Maud Newton's. Two great interviews with Aimee Bender, who like Kelly Link is just slightly out there (my favorite kinds of stories), one at Bookslut, and the other at Powell's. And last but not least, S.E. Hinton comes out of the dark.

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