Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Writing, 9/13

I just got a rejection letter for one of my other stories, so that one will go back into circulation, too. I'm looking at next week to do it, since I'm getting ready to leave for my friend Lisa's wedding on Friday.

(EPIC TRILOGY ALERT) I've been plugging away at the second book in the trilogy over the weekends, revising it, and after I talked with Sugu some about it the other night, I found more trouble spots. Cutting those and all the junk so far, I've cut 55 pages out of the monster. I feel like it's on a diet. So, I'm sure to Sugu's shock, since he's printed it out already, what was 740 is now 685, and dropping. Even if I cut a page out a chapter the rest of the way, that will be around 20 more pages, and 665, 660, that sounds like a perfect length for this book.

Mainly the cuts have to do with exposition. I know Ben said he had this problem too in his story, and even though I never really cared for much explaining in these types of stories, somehow there's a lot of it. I think it's partly due to me just figuiring out what's going on as I go. The most important thing for me is that the world I'm creating in these books feels like it has a history, as opposed to dictating it to the reader. Even if I know all the history, the dates and names, most of it doesn't belong in the book.

I wrote a lot in the Angel Book tonight, Chapter 11, bringing it to 288 pages. It gets even more trippy from here on out, like a good (bad?) acid trip.

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