Saturday, September 24, 2011

Like A Modern Man

Woke up way too early with the need to puke (thanks Ben).  Spent the morning compiling a draft manuscript of a short story collection I will publish after the new year.  I've wanted to do this for a while, but for some reason or another haven't.  This book collects most of my published stories, as well as a few new ones, and a few poems and short pieces for good measure.  I laughed a little too as I realized I will be editing some of the published pieces.  I have been protesting George Lucas doing this to Star Wars recently.  Thankfully no one cares about the original versions of these stories.

The collection may also include a brand new short story set in the Elizabeth universe.  The thought occured to me that it might be a good idea, and a fun way of tiding over anyone who might be wanting more, as it is going to be a long wait for the sequel.

The reason for that is because the sci-fi John Hughes project has become two novels.  The writing is going very well - 116 pages so far.  I don't want to say too much about the particulars of the novels yet, in case I end up losing my enthusiasm, but basically you're going to get a double LP.  It's going to be pretty cool, for me at least.  Hopefully that will be next year (both). 

After that, my plan is to revisit Elizabeth, Miranda and Alice.  More to come!

Art by James Jean.

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Darby said...

Update: I wrote 13 pages on what I think will be an Elizabeth novella that will debut in the story collection. One hint: Mars.