Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The Winter Blues

My new crush:

The future of the moon, with lots of sweet lunar links.

I've got those sucky winter blues. Comes from being sick, poor, stuck between bills, sick, poor... and in all that I'm in a funk writing wise. Can't seem to get anything going, and when I do find a few hours (yeah, right - a few minutes) to write, it's usually me thinking, "Hey, I need to add a chapter to my brick of a novel that elaborates in detail the socio-economic history of a particular family, as it relates to the larger society, because it's not boring enough." So, yeah. Bright shiny times. I am making a little progress. I trimmed quite a bit today, after basically rewriting an entire major scene in a pivitol chapter of the second book in the Big Damn Epic. I hadn't looked at this scene in about a year, and I was surprised at how sloppy it was. I remembered it being much tighter. It seemed slow and scattered, and confused. So I cut all the fat, pancaked some action, and really worked on varying the rhythm of the sentences and paragraphs - there's a lot more single sentence paragraphs in this section than anywhere else - to help along the pace.

I have a short story I want to write, and no energy to do it. I am sad.

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