Monday, January 29, 2007

Top Soil

The surface of Mars is devoid of life due to intense cosmic radiation - but underneath...

This brings so much new meaning to the term hackjob. Shame these writers aren't alive today to take scissors to these misguided people's work - you know, their computers and all those expensive wires in and out of them.

Ben saw Pan's Labyrinth before me. That's because I was throwing up all weekend. Thank you stubborn flu virus. Between that and work, writing has been slow, but I managed a little writing yesterday, which was productive. I'm working my way through a revision of the second book in the BDE as I ramp up to writing the third, and there's a lot of relandscaping. Ideas and presentations are evolving all the time, I'm getting new ideas all the time, and part of me wishes you could just set these down, let them be part of a past. I wish I could say I'm moved on and evolved myself as a writer and this is my work then, and this is my work now. But I'm still in that gestation period as a novelist, I think. I'm in utero, and there's no past until you're born. I won't be until these novels are, whenever that may be.

Got to love this: the U2-charist.

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