Wednesday, January 03, 2007


Very pleased to announce that the very excellent Storyglossia magazine accepted my short story "Keeping Up Disappearances" for Issue 19, due in April. The story is about a once almost-famous actress caught up in the media frenzy that develops around the disappearance of a little girl in her hometown.

So the new year is off to a nice start writing wise. Hopefully it will continue. Overall, I look forward to things improving. Since it got pretty damn bleak last year, it won't take much to let a little light in. I have a new computer (finally), a new job, and a new outlook on some things that used to bother me quite a bit. You get to a point in life where you begin to live with your troubles - well past the point of fatigue, like the country is right now with this war - and you lose the power or will to oppose them. You feel like there's nothing that can be done except endure a train wreck unfolding not in seconds but in years. But then you snap out of it. Whatever survival instinct you have kicks in and you start moving again, out of the way of the train, and you leave a lot of crap you thought was important once behind. 2007 I hope will be a year of simplification and clarity. Economy. In both senses of the word, because I'm still a starving artist. But simple. I would very much like for things to be simple now.

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