Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Tickle Me Elmo's Fire

Probably the greatest video ever.

Margaret Atwood, with Bill Moyers, on myth.

The Pillars of Creation may have been destroyed by a supernova and we won't see it for a thousand years yet.

Regina Spektor on YouTube.

You'd think in a day and age when Apple is combining cell phones and iPods that the literary community of magazines, journals and publishers would have long since abandoned the wasteful, costly, and time consuming practice of demanding hard copy submissions. I dislike printing out my book, or short stories, and sending it out en masse mainly because I'm poor and the cost of ink, paper, and postage negates the possible return in most cases; you'd think the magazines and journals deluged with stacks of paper submissions would gleefully embrace e-subs for practical purposes, but many haven't. I can't think of any other craft that the internet age seems more disposed to, but the community resists, in large part I think because of its own age. It's the paper vs. e-book thing. People fear technology will strip literature of its one tactile element and with it, its identity. Reading is more than reading, it's holding the book or story or submission in your hand, marking it up in the margins, earmarking the pages. That I understand. E-books don't appeal to me. Saving every penny does, though.

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