Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Win Me!

I won this cool contest today at JD, scoring some neat Star Wars stuff. I never win anything. That's not true. My brother and I won the Main St. poster contest. And the poster is forthcoming, in some shape or form. Also, I found out today that Main St. is also going to incorporate the images of our poster design into their website also. That sounds pretty cool.

Speaking of things I hope to win: I'm applying to this great program in NYC that gives artists and writers space to work in for nine months. It sounds absolutely perfect to me. I go back and forth on the should I stay or should I go thing that I get sick of it myself, and lately I've been feeling so morose about this place. I daydream about being other places, about lives I'll never have. Stories I'll never publish. I got a rejection letter today from a mag. My work doesn't suit them, but they keep asking me to send more, because they like how I write (just not what I write) and I got to thinking, I don't have anything that suits them. If my stories don't involve the fantastic in some way, they involve violence, fear, intolerance in one form or another. I write many different types of stories but looking at them I see they're all wedded not just in theme but in vision. My stories are strange, violent, and often flooded.

No jackpot there.

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