Saturday, April 01, 2006

Still Coughing

Happy to say the online alternative literary mag The Angler accepted my story "Roof On The Lake." It will appear in the upcoming 'hallucination' issue. This is a flash fiction piece about a girl stranded on a rooftop in Chicago after the lake level rises and floods the city, you know, in the future of global warming that George Bush assures us won't happen. Also, you can check out my new bibliography page over on the side.

Lucasfilm announces 'adult' line of Star Wars books.

Matt has some more Waterloo doodles on his blog of karoke devotees at the Tymes. I bet you could make an entire little strip out of these guys. They're great. He also has one of his pieces included on the postcard art of The Human Pixel Project.

John McGhahern died on Thursday. I want to say we saw him read in Ireland. I can't remember for sure.


Fish Monkey said...

Congrats on the sale!

Darby said...

Thanks, Kat!