Friday, April 14, 2006

Good Friday Flashback

Well, since the Loo Shots became a casuality of being too sick and having too much to do at the same time (I do want to get back to them, though, since I do like a little photography now and again) here's Gretchen Mol, who should have been an Exhibit, but wasn't only because I forgot, but would be, if I do them again:

I finished a new short story tonight. Actually, I was going through the pile (you know the little stack of ideas you have and write down, in case you have a night like tonight, where you just want to write, no matter what) and came across a story I half wrote, about a disgruntled dog catcher named Terry. I think I may have told Ben about this once. I like it, because it's so different for me. It's funny, and messed up, and relies entirely on voice. Terry has problems keeping his tenses straight when he's recounting his tale, but then, most people do; a lot of people relate things that happened to them in the present tense ("So I go up to the door, right --") and I try to capture that here. I don't know. I also incorporated a little bit of childhood lore into this. My friend Mike will recognize it immediately (how many sticks of dynamite was it?).


Benjamin said...

Yeah, you told me about that story once. Can't wait to read it.

There is much good breastage in that pic (both the subject and the background), but I can't for the life of me recall where I've ever seen her before.

Darby said...

You probably saw her in Rounders. She kind of was big for five minutes after this Vanity Fair cover she did, and then got a raw deal after. I always liked her a lot.

Yes! You'll totally have to read my dog catcher story.