Thursday, April 28, 2005

Back In Town

I've been back from Indy and Chicago a couple days but it's taken that to get back in the groove. Very tired from an exhausting but exciting trip. I got to see great old friends and stand in unreasonable lines to see silly Star Wars stuff. Pictures soon.

I had an idea for a new novel on the way to Chicago. I got that same 'uh-oh' feeling I do every time one of these happens upon me uninvited: now I have to write it. You sort of see the years of toil flash before your eyes.

Of this novel, the current beasty in production, I believe I'm somewhere in chapter 28. It's up to 663 pages at any rate and the pace accelerates now toward the end. I'm not sure yet just where the end is, but it might be closer than I thought before.

Kevin Guilfoile is a Chicago writer keeping a journal of his press tour for his new novel. It's really very interesting and funny.

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