Sunday, May 06, 2007

Sunday Sun

It's rainy and Sunday, so:

Saturday seems to be comic book day now. Yesterday happened to be Free Comic Book Day, but that was merely a bonus. There was a new issue of Joss Whedon's triumphant Buffy Season 8 out, and more than that, it was the one where Willow finally comes back. How did I wait four days to go and get this issue you ask? Will power. Never let anyone tell you I don't have any. Good thing I didn't wait any longer - I got the last issue they had. I didn't see it anywhere on the wall and meltdown was in progress until my cousin Matt averted disaster and located it. Whew.

Issue #3 was very good, shocker, but maybe not as good as #2. There wasn't enough Willow for one, but it's early. The shockers are shocking, the twists and turns are neverending and it feels like a story that needs to be told, which is pretty damn good for a TV show that's been off the air for a few years. A story that lacked urgency, or any sense of cohesion, was Spider-Man 3, which we took in after collecting our free comics (limit of 4, joy-killers. Whatever. All I wanted was Peanuts, and I got one).

Spidey (SPOILERS) was entertaining. It was big and exciting and I enjoyed a lot of it. The Sandman storyline was excellent. Thomas Hayden Church was perfect. The scene in which he tries to reform from the sand as a man after his 'accident' was probably the best scene in the films. The Harry/Goblin part was basically what I figured, but took a weird detour that didn't quite work. Venom... Venom himself was cool. The storyline introducing the suit did not work, and they had so little faith in it a half hour or more goes by from when it lands on Earth to when it finally does what it's supposed to. 'Dark' Spidey was fun, but the alien symobite angle fails and what would have made more sense, to me, would have been to intergrate it more into the revenge theme of the film. What if the symboite had been some research project of OsCorp? What if Harry inflicted it on Peter as a means of revenge, of ruining his life as Peter did Harry's? What if Peter lost himself to a mask as Harry's father did and Harry finally saw the truth? Venom could have been a movie on his own; Peter could have freed himself from the suit and Eddie Brock could have inherited it as he does in a great scene, and then come back to haunt Peter. But they don't do that. They cram Venom in to a bloated film for a fatal four way and blow him to smithereens. Alrighty.

Anyways, it was fun. It's worth seeing for the Spidey-strut alone.

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