Friday, May 25, 2007

30 Years Ago In A Drive-In Nearby...

Hard to believe it's been 30 years today since Star Wars first premiered. I remember, vaguely, the first time I saw it at the old Starlight drive-in here in Waterloo, which would have been the summer of '77, though not necessairly May. I was only 2 1/2, but obviously it made an impression. The totality of the SW universe that George Lucas invented is at this point, somewhat overwhelming. I think if you melted all the action figures that have been produced to date, you'd have enough plastic to manufacture a plastic planet. But it's not the cons of SW I want to touch on today. It's the pros. I am a geek. GEEK. I am a Star Wars baby and I am proud to be one. I make the lightsaber sound. I can imitate both Yoda and the Emperor and on (drunken) occassion, Chewie. I imitate that sound X-Wings make when they streak past when I'm really bored and no one is looking. And I studied Latin, the classics, mythology and Joseph Campbell because a cheesy popcorn movie motivated to seek out the pieces that made up the whole. I wanted to be an astronaut because of Star Wars. I live and die for space geekiness because of Star Wars. Do I write because of Star Wars? I don't think so. Do I want to write cool, crazy space stuff because of Star Wars? You betcha'.

May the Force Be With You peeps.

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