Tuesday, November 21, 2006

To Ground

Robert Altman died today. One of the greats of American cinema. Nowhere near as tragic, but disappointing to say the least, is the news that Peter Jackson will not be directing the adaptation of "The Hobbit", apparently because New Line likes all that money they made off him from "Lord of the Rings" too much to give some to him.


It's been a struggle finding work here in Chicago. That probably sounds absurd, but I've yet to make any headway. I've gone blind from submitting applications and resumes (and also from my dwindling bank balance) and when all you have is time, it's very easy to go to work on yourself. Frustration sets in, and so does the fatigue that comes with it. It's too soon to be discouraged, but I did jump without a parachute, and the ground, it's getting closer and closer all the time.


Benjamin said...

Don't worry about the employment thing. My situation got pretty hectic for a while, and just when I thought I was truly hosed, I found a decent job.

It'll come around.

Darby said...

Thanks for the support. I just gotta hang tough, yo.