Saturday, November 04, 2006

The Force Is With Him

More Tegan:

The blog of Jane Espenson, an Iowa native and writer of much good TV, including but not limited to Buffy. That alone would put her over the top, but the Iowa thing is neat, too. In the post I linked to (check 'em all out) she talks about giving the audience/reader what they want at the same time as giving them their worst fear (a Buffy/Angel hallmark from the title characters to Willow and Tara to Wes and Fred). This happens in the second book of the Big Damn Trilogy in about the worst possible way, and as hard a thing it is to write, to injure your characters, it feels good to (hopefully) pull off something pretty darn dramatic.

The art of Sparth. I found him browsing concept art, and discovered he loves gas masks and blimps just like me. I'm a visual person; I see what I write in my head as a film, it cuts like a film and in words I try to capture the rhythm and music of what John Garder called the 'vivid and continuous dream' - I'm making a movie, just for your head. That's no different from any other writer, ever, but we live in a visual age. I love images literal as much I do figurative and I would love to incorporate the visual side of cinema art, concept art, into my book a little more inventively than say simple illustrations. There's a little of this in a new book I saw called "The Looking Glass Wars" - Doug Chiang (Star Wars) does some neat concept work for it and I would love to do something like that. Maybe a little more ambitious. The web is a great place to bridge that gap and I have a few ideas - all I need now is someone blessed with the ability to draw since I sadly can only doodle laughably.

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