Tuesday, July 26, 2005

The Last DVD I'll Ever Buy At Midnight

Revenge of the Sith hits DVD on November 1st:

I started a new short story tonight, another in my series of weird things in Iowa type stories. I'm starting to think I might have enough of these at some point for a collection. My friend Ilona told me way back in Ireland that I should write about Iowa, I hadn't yet then, and right away I knew that's what I wanted to do some day, a collection of Iowa stories. But that's getting ahead of myself. I've just started this one, six pages tonight, and I never like my stories at the beginning, but I like the character, Millie; she's such an out of place kind of gal.

I'm still waiting to hear back on my moon rocks story; it's been almost two months and I'm getting anxious. Probably for nothing.

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