Saturday, July 23, 2005

Ginny, Ginny, Who Can I Turn To?

Here's a rather dramatic essay speculating on the purpose of Ginny Weasley's character in the Harry Potter books. Written before Book Six was published, it's pretty astute. I like the essay because it does a good bit of dissecting Rowling's methods in the books; I've come to think of the series as more like a really good soap opera than anything else, combing the best elements of epic fantasy, comic book serial style plotting (rolling revelations), and the enchantment of 19th century children's fiction. It's immaculately constructed, but maybe not always edited that way.

There are some that think my rooting for Harry and Ginny is kind of odd (I'm not a shipper, though I did root for Spike and Buffy, too) but I've always had a thing for girls with red hair. It's a natural weakness, so I identify with ol' Harry.

Another essay (ok, more a rant) from Debra Doyle on the state of YA SF - that's young adult sci-fi - or the lack of it. There's a gaping hole in this market compared to the YA fantasy market, and I've always felt my sci-fi book walked this line; people often tell me publishers are scooping up books like mine by the truck load, but so far, I haven't been able to interest anyone.

UPDATE: I've added some more links over on the side of the page, and as you might have noticed, I changed the masthead to my radically exciting name. I think I'll change the url eventually, too, but for now it's okay.

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