Saturday, July 30, 2005

And Then There Were Ten

Astronomers have been speculating on this for a while now, but they've finally gotten to the point where they can say there is in fact a tenth planet. The proposed name is under wraps (imagine being the one to name a fucking planet!) but I think I told Sugu once I thought it should be Cerebus, since he was the gatekeeper. Way out there on his lonesome, that's essentially what this planet is. Sorta.

Right now the astronauts are performing their space walk. I wanna be an astronaut so bad. Even if the damn thing is falling apart.

Ben is back, and he's got pages.

So do I. I wrote eight pages in the new short story, bringing it close to the end, but not quite (though I did write the last sentence.) Millie's got a secret.

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