Thursday, December 16, 2004

Conspiracy Theory

It wasn't 19 screw-ups from Saudi Arabia who couldn't pass flight school who defeated the United States with a set of box cutters," he said. He dismissed the official Sept. 11 commission report, saying, "I don't trust any of these 'facts."'

Millionaire activist Jimmy Walter has spent 30 percent of his net worth trying to prove his statement above. Now he's offering $100,000 to whoever can prove him wrong. This is more sad than funny. I'm as distrustful of the current administration as he probably is, but Mr. Walter is wasting his money. Why would the terrorists or the government or whoever he claims was behind it fly planes into buildings they knew they could knock down with planted explosives?

This isn't much different from "Oswald couldn't have acted alone" or "that moon landing sure was a hoax." Sometimes people simply cannot accept that something so extraordinary - many times awful - could have been performed by somehow ordinary people. But they are. I know it's hard to believe we're that vulnerable, that so few could take so many innocent lives. We want to invent conspiracies and boogey men to give more credit to those 19 bastards than they deserve. They don't need it.

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