Thursday, November 25, 2004

Surviving Turkey Day: Means & Methods

1) Listen to new U2 album. Repeat.

2) Play The Incredibles video game. Run Dash into a semi at 177 mph. Repeat.

3) Play hooky from family bullshit by strategically arranging long distance phone calls through out the day and evening.

4) Sit and down write even though you promised you'd give yourself the day off.

5) Blog.

6) Go for a walk downtown or to the video store that closes only in the event of a) thermonuclear war or b) a fire sale at the Gap. Wander the aisles in desperate search of mind numbing crap you've seen already, but nothing really gets you out of the fact that your man isn't in office, it's four more years but really a generation of self inflicted damage, your family is held together by bubble gum, and you've accoplished nothing in your life.


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