Wednesday, November 24, 2004

At A Place Called Vertigo

Dizzy happy with the new U2 album. I don't know yet if it's better than All That You Can't Leave Behind, but it does feature some of their strongest material in years. My first impression is that it's a collision of the music they played in Dublin back in '79, some soul, and a louder, more vivid version of their "'80's sound."

I think the best thing about U2 is that the intangible feeling you get, the wordless experience they give you in song after song. I think you saw it in the tears of the cast and audience of SNL the other night, and the crowds they generated going up and down the streets of New York.

The last great rock n' roll band. The last band.

"Your head can't rule your heart."

"I've had enough of romantic love."

"I don't need to hear you say/ if we weren't so alike / you'd like me a whole lot more."


Lono said...

I am still digesting the new U2 disc. I have listened to it about 5 times, it is no simple record. There is no question it is good... but what I am trying to figure out is just how good. It will be 2005 before I can securely answer that question.

Darby said...

After listening to it an embarassing number of times, I think it's probably their best album since Achtung Baby. It's more confident and even more daring than AYCLB. It has a miscue or two (Love and Peace or Else cheif among them) but when you take risks like they do, this is inevitable.