Friday, November 26, 2004

Some Pics From Chicago

My friends Conan and Matt (two luckiest bastards in the world) and that's me on the left. Posted by Hello Back in 2000, I spent the summer studying in the Irish Writer's Program at Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland. It was the best experience of my life, not just because I'm Irish and it meant a lot to go there, but most of all because of the people I met.

On Halloween some of us got back together in Chicago for a long overdue reunion. We went to an Irish pub called Lizzie McClurg's and made the managment nervous apparently with the bill (all was resolved, without any dishwashing) and held a big get together at Lisa's house. Lisa is getting married next year, and so is Conan and Amy (next post.) That sound you hear is the sound of hearts breaking everywhere. Conan and I went on an odyessy to the Sears Tower only to find it closed due to high winds. You'd think with it being the Windy City and all, they'd be prepared. Best of all I got to spend two or so days with good, good friends.

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