Friday, December 30, 2011

Then It Begins To Resolve

I never do very good by making New Year’s resolutions, but as I get older, I have gotten more focused on setting specific goals.  I feel I accomplished a lot in 2011 - I went to NYC for the first time, I went to New Orleans (ok, let's forget that), I moved into a new house, I published my first novel - two of those are from a lifetime goal list, so 2011 wasn't too shabby.  My only real goal for 2012 is to make 2011 the rule, and not the exception.  That being said, I have a few small goals I will tend to in 2012:

  • Publish my collection of short fiction (Winter 2012)
  • Complete and publish my next novel (Fall 2012)
  • Start work - and complete a first draft?- on the Elizabeth sequel (2013)
  • Go back to NYC
  • Make that return trip to Europe I have been planning for 10 years
There's lots of other things I'd love to do, such as:
  • Hold my breath until Community comes back on
  • Stop caring so much about new Apple rumors
  • Redirect frustration over the things I cannot change into the things I can
But a man must have priorities.  Everyone have a safe and happy holiday, and a wonderful new year!


Ty Johnston said...

Got my goals lined up for this year. Looking forward to lots of work, but also lots of fun, I hope.

I had to laugh at the Apple comment. I've been a fan of their computers for 25 years, though I'm not so much into their other products (but I realize they are quality).

Darby said...

It's odd, I never was an apple person until recently. For some reason it matters what the next iPhone will be - why? I won't buy it because I just bought this one!