Friday, December 09, 2011

My Writer Pet Peeves

In no particular order:

  • I'm usually too tired from work and writing fiction to blog.
  • Most everyone says I need to blog to promote my fiction.
  • I write fiction to promote. On the blog I'm too tired to update.
  • Most people think since you're a writer, you always know what to say.
  • Most people - sometimes - think you must be smart, because you're writer.
  • You calculate the speed at which excitement collapses into disappointment on someone's face as the time it takes you to answer, "So what kinds of books do you write?"
  • Time=the books you want to write
  • The best books you will ever write are the ones you dream about right before you wake up.
  • You listen to music for economy and melody.  You watch TV for rhythm and depth.  You listen to the way people talk on the bus for dialogue.
  • You tell everyone else who wants to write to read.

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