Monday, August 08, 2011

So When's The Next One Coming Out and Other Questions

Impossibly - happily? - one of the first questions people ask me who have read Elizabeth is, when is the sequel coming out?

I tell them a little about the history of this book, and they say, you must have it already in the can, what after four years and all? Yes and no. I have about 150 pages of what will someday be the sequel to Elizabeth. About half of it I wrote in 2009 or so, before this paralysis over what was going to come next took over my life. The other half more recently. I like it. Miranda is older. She has become the centerpiece of the story.

Elizabeth (the book) is like one of those relationships where you fight and break up and get back together just to do it all again. I have a serious love/hate thing with it right now. I love that people seem to like it, and want more. I hate that I can't get past it and all I want to do is something else.

I am writing a new book, completely and utterly different than Elizabeth. I'm 50 pages into that right now (!!!) and am very excited. That will be next. Elizabeth 2.0 will come after, and so is at least two years away. I think by the time I am done with this new book, and have that FUCK YES I FINISHED A BOOK feeling, which I haven't had in years, I will be ready to go back to Elizabeth, and make up.

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