Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Ground Water

Scientists may have found LIQUID water on Mars. And there's photographic evidence at CNN.

But since we're not going back to the moon in any substantial way for another 12 years, who's to say when we'll ever get those surfboards for Mars out. Who's to say we'll ever get to the moon at all. We've heard these promises before, and from more credible Presidents Bush. The Orion spacecraft designed to replace the shuttle, which may or may not take off tomorrow, won't come online until 2014, four years after the shuttles are retired in 2010. The pessimist part of me wonders just how long that gap will really be. NASA plans to go back to the moon on its present budget; very few people believe that's possible, and I imagine even fewer believe NASA's budget will be what it is now in ten years. On one hand, we live in an era of extraordinary discovery; every day we learn something new about our universe, and yet, we as explorers, actual physical explorers, are withdrawing from the promise of those new horizons. That never bodes well, for any society, in any period of human history.

Great audio interview with Kelly Link here.

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