Friday, December 01, 2006

Delaney In '08

Peeps pick their sci-fi nominees for the LoA. Some rightly nominate Samuel R. Delaney, and he'd be my pick, too. A lot of his books are out of print and hard to find, though Vintage brought a few of them back a few years ago (my buddy Sugu had Delaney sign a copy of Dhalgren for me). I found one of his older titles at Goodwill once on a lark (Goodwill in Waterloo is actually a good place for books) and here in Chicago, I found a treasure chest of his older work at a place called Myopic Books. I had never seen any balance of his work all at once, and I was astounded. Money issues prevented me from buying them up, but I would love nothing more than to bring a big stack of them home.

This made me think of my story "Black Eyed Moon," in which a serious asteroid collides with the moon and causes some serious damage.

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