Friday, December 23, 2005


My aunt Charlene is in town for the holidays. She's doing a little browsing of for sale signs around town, nothing major, and looking forward to cooking goodies for Christmas dinner. No presents this year. I've been lobbying for this for a couple years, and this year, no one is in the mood, so it's just dinner and conversation.

I printed out the second book in the sci-fi trilogy today, for the first time. 670 pages weighs a lot. It constitutes a weapon, and possibly building material. It got me thinking about my output this year, which got me thinking about other writers' output. I suppose I fall somewhere between Joyce Carol Oates, who writes a novel every few months, and Marylene Robinson, who writes one every twenty years. in 2005, I wrote:

The second book in the sci-fi trilogy, 670 pages
8 short stories
I revised the Angel Book, substantially
and also the first book in the trilogy, modestly
and a partridge in a pear tree

After Christmas I'll do a year-end cap of my favorite books, and films, too.

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