Monday, June 25, 2012

The Next One

So, like I said.  The next novel after this new one will probably be the Elizabeth sequel.

I say probably because it was supposed to have been the next book, and obviously that didn't pan out.  I do have about 150 pages of what was to be the sequel that I wrote back in '09.  I probably will not use any of this.  We'll see, but my concept of the next book has veered pretty far from what I had in mind back then.  My approach to the sequel is that it's not even really a sequel at all. 

As I said earlier this year, I am approaching the sequel somewhat as a level setting of the story. It will assume no one has read the first book.  One of the themes of the first book is reinvention and the sequel completely recontextualizes the story to the point that you could call it a reboot, except it's not.  Some of the influences on this novel include The City and The City, Batman: Year One, The Long Halloween, Watchmen, and Chris Claremont's early run on X-Men. 

Obviously comic books feed a lot of my thinking here and the comic book Miranda is reading in book one will be an important aspect of the story.  The endless rebooting of comic book continuity proves endlessly fascinating to me for some reason, and I will continue to explore this idea in the fractured continuity of history in the novels.

I look forward to getting back to the story.