Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Writing Update

I thought I'd update on where I'm at in my writing on a couple different pieces since I haven't really done that here in awhile.  Twitter seems to have taken over my daily updates on my progress.

Novel In Progress aka GhostofBigDamnEpic aka ThatWhichRefusesToDie:

Actually pretty good progress here.  252 pages as of today.  I expect the novel will be close to 400 at that end.  What's it about?  It's about a man alive at what appears to be the cosmological end of the earth - not the end, like OMG, it's the Mayan apocalypse - THE END end.  He has seen the world floruish and freeze.  He has seen every trace of humanity in the world and in him expire.  When he decides to meet his own end, he discovers the story of man - his story - is not yet over.  I hope for this to be ready for the fall.

Story Collection:

This is done, more or less, in the sense I've settled on the content.  Sort of.  I've debated on the Elizabeth story in it, because it has become the foundation of what the sequel will be, and I'm not how much of that I want to give away yet.  But it's an experiment.  What the hay.  Just need to cover this and format and it should be ready for February.

Elizabeth Sequel:

Like I was saying, the Elizabeth story in the collection ended up providing a way through for me on the sequel.  I am approaching the sequel somewhat as a level setting of the story.  It will assume no one has read the first book.  Partly this is due to Miranda's emergence as the main character; partly it is due to the nature of the story itself.  One of the themes of the first book is reinvention.  The sequel takes the form, broadly, of a murder mystery.  The mystery expands into a conspiracy thriller, of sorts.  You'll see this - and the big giveaway - in the story.  I always wanted to write a murder mystery.  My mom loves them and I grew up watching Perry Mason and Columbo... I don't think she had something like this in mind, but I always have to be difficult.

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