Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Through Chaos As It Swirls

Listening to new Coldplay.  So many great songs - something feels missing.  Could be first listen jitters.

Lull in posts.  Went to NYC and had a truly incredible, really meaningful trip.  Some of the best four days of my life.  I visited the Statue of Liberty, Zucotti Park and the Occupy Wall St. protesters, and the WTC memorial all in one day.  A rain storm stopped long enough for me to enjoy each.  I caught up with old, dear friends and made new ones.  I can't write it all here, but that old Tony Bennet song about SF - I left my heart in NYC.

NYC isn't entirely to blame for my lack of posts.  I've been working on a new short story - closer to a novella really - that takes place in the Elizabeth universe.  It takes place after the events in the novel and actually has turned out to be something of a pilot for the follow up to Elizabeth.  The eventual sequel has really taken a different turn than I originally thought.  Right now it follows more than organic development of the story rather than an extrapolation of the questions in the first book.  Those questions don't have answers, and the new book will ask more questions than offer answers.

The story will debut in my still untitled story collection, which will be out very early next year.   The collection will feature most of my published pieces to date, as well as a few new pieces, like this one.  I finished the first draft of the story tonight, so I'm back to blogging.  I need to get back to the novel I have been working on, which I've neglected now for over a month.  I have so many stories I want to tell.  I was talking with my friend Polly in NYC about this.  I wish I could just realize them all into being.  It's like mining for gold.  So much effort for so little return.

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