Thursday, October 22, 2009


After a LONG time of not posting, and then posting somewhere else, and then not posting there, I've decided to come back to the ranch and try to get this thing to kick over. I think I've spent so much time pushing novels up hills I've completely forgotten the language of anything short. That changed a little in August, when I attended the Summer Writer's Conference at Northwestern. I took a class called Parasitic Writing and was exposed to a form of writing I had never heard of: erasure poetry. The class was an eye opener in so many ways. In three short, swift hours we discussed the idea of plagarisim in art; if there is such a thing; fan fiction; You Tube and the art people create from found materials like movie trailers; it was all fascinating to me, because I've been interested for a long time in ideas like genre, and the idea of 'rebooting' something, which is especially common now in genre works like comic books and movies.

The class inspired me to write some short new pieces, and I've posted one I wrote that same day over on a new, fantastic site called Fictionaut. It's sort of like Facebook, but for writers. Go over and check it out.

You'll find my poem, Conjecture over there.

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Hey! Keep posting dood!