Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Book of Elizabeth

Commence the Peanuts Happy Dance:

I've sold my first novel, The Book of Elizabeth, to Sean Wallace at Prime Books. It will appear in hardcover in early 2009. You can read more details here. I see there's also a little blurb at SFScope.

The novel takes place in a world where none of our history - none of it - occured. No Roman Empire, no Reformation, no Berlin Wall. No Berlin. A new history has taken its place, except for one little problem: people from our history inexplicably find themselves swept into this alien one, people from all eras of history, poets and gladiators. Poets and queens. One of them is Queen Elizabeth I.

As a girl, she hand copied passages of the Bible for her step-mother; now, Elizabeth writes out a copy of the entire book from memory, to keep her own sanity in this strange new world, a world where Moses never went to the mountain, and Jesus never to the cross. Elizabeth learns to cope, to embrace the virgin world; yet she can't avoid her fate to always be at the center of an epic struggle. The book Elizabeth wrote threatens to undo the new world as it promises to put the old one back together and she must battle once again the enemy she thought she escaped: herself.

I want to thank Sean for the opportunity and his taking a chance on me, and I especially thank Kat for all her faith, friendship and support. I really could not have done it without her.


Benjamin said...


Man, I knew it'd happen someday and I really thought this was the idea that would put you over the top.

Anyway, congrats again, and keep up with the happy dance.

Anonymous said...

FINALLY !!! after all your hard work in trying to sell your novel

Congratulations Darb, dance like never before


effingcomics said...

That's awesome Darby! Congratulations!! It pays to stay after it, and you didn't give up. Can't wait to buy a copy!

Darby said...

Thanks, guys!