Saturday, July 01, 2006

Summertime Blues

The computer blahs continue. They will for some time yet to come. I feel like I've been plunged back into the dark ages, say, 10 years ago, when internet access was something they kept like a secret at the library, and you got knocked off every five minutes, after it took five minutes for page to load. Sigh.

I didn't get into this NYC writing program I (desperately) wanted to. Waterloo couldn't be any less inviting right now. But, I did sell a short story the other day. My story "Judy & Norman" will appear in Reflection's Edge in the near future. It's about a girl named Judy and the father figure in her life who happens to be a zombie. My story "Paper Man" (in issue #3 of Shimmer Magazine) got a very nice review at Tangent Online.

There's so much I want to comment on and so little time. My friend Mandy is out in Portland; good luck and all the best to her. Lucky Portland. Go see "Superman Returns", it's everything The Phantom Menace should have been (and didn't know it could be). Matt is back in action. Me and him got to get together on a comic soon! And also check out Ben, who probably thinks I am dead.

Hopefully more sooner than usual.

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"Paper Man" also got a brief but complimentary review at