Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Things Positive

I got into an XL T-shirt for the first time in my adult life yesterday. And it fit. Five months ago I was in a 3X (still am, most of the time, since I can't afford new clothes) and I ain't ever going back.

My brother and I are collaborating on an entry for the 10th anniversary of Main St. Waterloo (a local insitituion) that maybe I can explain better when it's finished. Plus another thing that's cool.

Sugu (I think I can say) is published! He will have details. Also, even better, he's coming to Waterloo at the new year.

There's a girl I like. I don't think she likes me at all, that way anyhow, but it doesn't bother me. It's nice to like someone who makes you feel good.

The new Superman trailer is the coolest thing I've seen in forever. They used the music! And Brando! It's perfect.

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