Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Name That Galaxy

I post because Ben shames me into.

I just never have time, and I don't want to post that I am not posting but I actually have something of interest: so I loves me some astronomy but I am not shall we say astronomically gifted with the math and such. But I have found a cool, democratic way for me to take part (and you can to) by identifying the shape and nature of distant galaxies for dudes who also just don't have enough time:

Galaxy Zoo is a website where you can register and provided you pass the test, you can join thousands of others in a public project to catalog millions of galaxies.

By the way, Queen guitarist Brian May finished his Phd thesis - finally. He only started it in the 70's, but then he got off track with this little rock band... and the subject? Interplanetary dust. And he's co-written a book on the history of the universe - suh-weet - that is alas presently only available in the UK. Whatever. I may just break down and buy it. It's been too long since I ordered something cool from overseas.

Ben lent me his copy of Children of Men to read. It's excellent. Different from the film in many ways, but no less devastating. There are several scenes and images in the book that are not in the film that had I read it before, I would have missed. I am writing, but no one is biting. I kind of feel like I am writing for an audience of one. Either that or my life is just very much in slow motion and the bit where someone says, "You know, this ain't half bad" and agrees to publish it is somewhere off in the distance, after the musical interlude.

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