Things Fall From The Sky All The Time

The future is impossible to see. That's what I think of, when I think of Kit Baldwin. Kit is the main character of my novel NAMELESS, which I won't detail here too much but has to do with superheroes. Kit becomes one, accidentally. The impetus for this story began in 2011, when I read this article about firefighters who refused to put out a house fire because the owner hadn't paid the bill for these services in his rural community. Seven years ago, that was shocking. in 2018, not so much. Kit began much earlier, way back in high school. She morphed and evolved and moved in and out of stories until she finally found her place in this one. Kit was right for Nameless because I wanted someone who didn’t fit into any of the worlds within the story. I wanted someone without power, but with a great sense of justice and decency. She finally manifested in this novel, but she didn't become real until today, when my friend and critique partner Alia Hess realized her in ink:


I've added a new links page (above) with relevant links to resources for writers. For the past year, I've been part of a writing group comprised of enormously talented individuals. They've been a tremendous help to me in improving my craft and helping back to publishing.

Interzone 276

Here is the cover for Interzone 276, in which my story 'Tumblebush' appears. The issue is due any day now from  TTA Press , edited by Andy Cox. Tumblebush emerged out of a pair of questions about the future: what form would a living wage take, and also, what if that future is also one in which our ice caps have melted? The story takes place in a submerged New York City, about eighty years from now. It's a story about allowances. What are you allowed, for your content, the product of your own life? What do you allow yourself? Others? Tumblebush is a private detective, and product of a vanishing city - she's tough, she's merciless and she has a set of rules. Very happy to have this story in Interzone. You can order the issue here .

Tumblebush Art

A sneak peak of the full page spread for my story 'Tumblebush,' set to appear in Interzone from TTA Press in July. Outstanding illustration from Dan Senecal - I'm blown away.

I'll Tumble For Ya

Happy to share that my short story 'Tumblebush' will be published in the July/August issue of Interzone Magazine, published by TTA Press . I've read Interzone forever, and I'm thrilled to be part of this great magazine. Tumblebush is the username of a private investigator in a flooded NYC, about 80 years from now. A missing person case leads her on a journey through the ruins, to a cold truth.

Rejoice, For You All The Children of Thanos

I used to write a lot of movie reviews, not so much anymore. Here's a stab at getting back into film criticism and discussion, with an article on a unique aspect of the reaction to Infinity War.

Princess Mine

Happy to share that my story "Princess Mine" appears in Strange Horizons . This is my first sale since 2011, and beyond thrilled it's to this wonderful magazine. The story is available to read or listen to, as a podcast. Be aware the story deals with suicide and depression.